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We are a global natural health products company that has helped people pursue a healthy, natural life. Our Brazilian bee products amd daily supplements are available exclusively through dedicated independent Distributors in more than 80 cities around the world.about us

We have a strong corporation with Apis Global Produtos Alternativos Ltda (Apis Global), which was founded by Mr. Fabio Murakami in 1982 in the beautiful town of Piracaia, SP, Brazil. The company's Brazilian bee products bearing native Portuguese trade mark of Apiario Silvestre has now been very well known around the world. All the raw material, including bee honey, bee pollen, green propolis, royal jelly, bee venom are from the unpolluted natural forest in the boundary area of Minas Gerais State and Sao Paulo State in Brazil.

Apis Global has a large storage of propolis raw material, which accounted for more than 50% of the total production of propolis in the world, making it become the real leader of the global propolis industry. Furthermore, Apis Global is the first company which extracts non-alcoholic bee propolis in a modern high-tech way thanks to Mr. Fabio's foreseeingly strategy to apply the best human technology on the best nature's raw material.

Today, we have more than 2800 distributors all over the world, each store has a trained health consultants to provide customers with professional product introduction, health counseling, and after-sales service. With our excellent quality and professional service, we have won a good reputation and wide praise, becoming one of the most popular leading brands in the world.



Interpretation of the spirit and development goals of the Royal Natural Products Co.

Mission: From the creation of Royal Natural Products Co., they engaged in the scientific innovation and technology development. Through the close relationship of all the staff, dealers, partners and founder, Royal Natural provides excellent quality products and professional standard service. They offer opportunities for close cooperation, development of the career planning, and the creation of self value and achieve their goals in life.

Belief: In Royal Natural, "hope" became the driving force of our development and gave us infinite power. We help each other and grow together; we develop career and succeed in life; we look forward to the future and achieve the goal. Royal Natural spread "hope" to every corner of the world, and try their best to human health in the world. We hope that through the best efforts of the whole company and the commitment to high quality, we will bring joy and health to every family.

Vision: Through the long term growth and development, Royal Natural is committed to find and collect healthy and effective natural ingredients. We do our best efforts to provide excellent quality products to every family in the world. In addition, we actively advocate "Green Safety , Naturalness" health concept.

These beliefs constantly remind us, the goal of Royal Natural is not only for profitable, but also bring welfare to society and help them build better life. Under the influence of these beliefs, the employees and partners of Royal Natural personally practice "Royal Quality, Healthy Forever" corporate vision.


The spirit of enterprise: honesty, quality, service

The enterprise seek long-term development and enhance the intangible value of personal career

The spirit of the enterprise is the soul of the company, the core competitive power, the source to promote enterprise development. The creation of material wealth and the spiritual wealth  in the historical process, which brings the great achievements and excellent corporate culture to the Royal Natural Products Co.

Integrity:  Integrity is the fundamental way of business survival. To the consumer and society, we insist on excellent quality and honest attitude. Inside the company, we trust and respect each other. Therefore, the solidarity spirit is the significant cause to the success of Royal Natural Products Co. Our success is not only lies in economic sense of success, and we won widespread respect, trust and good reputation. Our commitment: develop most effective and highest quality natural products, provide excellent service to global human health, so that every family can truly enjoy royal quality.

Quality: From macro nutrients to micro nutrients, from animal nutrition to plant nutrition, the Royal Natural Products Co. have conducted in-depth research and analysis of each raw material composition. It is not only for the effectiveness of the product, but also eliminate the possibility of unsafe ingredients into the product. We detect the heavy metals, pesticide residues, solvent residues, microbes and other indicators before products go into the market.  All products use high standard of scientific tests. It is not only the company researchers do the test, but also invite the international professional organization for us to do more standard test. The effective composition and function are taken from the scientific community recognition literature and clinical trials, also, we persist in using the scientific test results and scientific test products.

Service: Customer Service is an art, one hundred people have one hundred perspective and answers, but the philosophy is eternal, which is "people-oriented". Royal Natural Products Co. has been able to come out on top in the fierce competitive health care products industry, it is because we have an excellent customer service team. We are willing to listen to the customers' need and desire, answer customers' questions and doubts. With our new concept, professional knowledge, high quality products, excellent service, so we can help consumers realize health desire and improve the quality of life. We stand at customers' side and feel their needs, likes and dislikes, and provide the right solution for them. We believe that we are capable of conquering  the challenges, and won the applause forever.

Following the pace of the company, master the comprehensive and professional product knowledge through the hard study. Through accumulation of actual practice, improve the service skills. Following the social trend and dynamic culture, become brilliant and talent people. These valuable intangible wealth will continue to expand markets, promote career, carry forward innovation.


Realize the value of life and share the joyfulness of success
Enterprise core values: respect, friendship, responsibility, achievement 

"Realize the value of life and share the joyfulness of success," is the core value of the Royal Natural Products Co. We offer our customers the highest quality products and the most enthusiastic service and let people enjoy the pure natural products and the healthy results. Our business goals is not simply the pursuit of profit maximization, but to fully associate and maximize the values of our shareholders, employees, suppliers, distributors, customers, and the community. Our core value is not only the important foundation of the success in the past three decades, but will also guarantee the success of future development. We will carry forward our cause into the future and share our brilliant goals with the world.

-       We respect our shareholders and investors to achieve capital maximization

-       We respect our employees to achieve productivity maximization

-       We respect our suppliers to maintain supplies quality

-       We respect our dealers and distributors to maintain efficiency

-       We respect our customer to retain customer loyalty and happiness

-       We respect our community and society to retain social harmony.

Friendship: The friendship established by the managements and the employees of Royal Natural Products Co. is the proudest asset we have. We strive to work for the long-term growth of the company. We respect the personal choices for our employees and we cherish our customers who have confidence in us and make the long-term support for the company. Everyone who makes us grow will get the equal return from us.

Responsibility: Everyone should do everything they can to achieve their goals, and every employee in the company should make every effort to help the company to achieve the corporate goals. In addition, every employee should also take the responsibility to be a good citizen in the society.

Achievement: We strive constantly for self-improvement, and also encourage others to do so at the meantime. Our pursuit of excellence is unstoppable; to achieve our goals we will make unremitting efforts to improve ourselves. We discern the market trends and the needs of customers, and we take proactive steps to grasp the opportunities. We understand that, no brilliant achievements could be made overnight. Therefore, we would continuously improve our business height, and would not be self-confident for what we have already achieved. Let us build a solid foundation for the future growth!


Unity • Globalization • Scientific Management • Service-oriented • Talent • Positive Goodwill • Diligence • Refulgence

As a successful multi-national company, Royal Natural Products Co. integrates the enterprise’s core values and the local cultures in the market development stage. In the Chinese market in North America, Royal Natural Products Co. succeeded in combining the core values and the Chinese culture, and carry forward the practical business philosophy: Unity • Globalization • Scientific Management • Service-oriented • Talent • Positive Goodwill • Diligence • Refulgence.

Unity and cooperation is a prerequisite for the survival and development of the company. The history of the development of the company is a good example of collaboration and cooperation. From the collaboration between the founder of the company and the management staffs to the cooperation between the employees and the regional distributors, those all reflect the spirit of unity and cooperation of our company. Inherit and carry forward the fine tradition should be our common commitment.

Globalization is the principal strategy of the company. Corporate is like rowing upstream: not to advance is to drop back. From product innovation and new market development, to establishing a solid customer base and global suppliers and distributors, all these should become the growth path of Royal Natural Products Co. We will maintain a coordinated and sustainable development strategy when we keep the steady progress.

Scientific management is an important guarantee for the company to maintain vigor and vitality. The rapid changing environment and the progress of technology make the enterprise strive aggressively for self-improvement, reform and innovation. Therefore, Royal Natural Products Co. should maintain aggressive mentality and a high sense of responsibility to improve the management system.

Service-oriented is the lifeline of the company. Quality services not only include the thoughtful service, true hospitality, solid professional knowledge, and consistent after-sales service, but also require safe and fast, accurate and efficient internal operational procedures. We want to enhance our service awareness and implement the concept of customer-first, so that high-quality service and high quality products would become the symbol of Royal Natural Products Co.

Talented persons are a solid foundation for the sustainable development of the company. Royal Natural Products Co., Ltd. must make every effort to attract talents, retaining talents, caring talents and using talents in an efficient and effective way. Through a variety of training and practical work, the profession level and skills of employees will be improved. Talent is the injection of strong vitality for the long-term development of the company.

Maintaining positive goodwill is the fundamental demand for the long-term development of the company. Goodwill can be a brand advantage, competitive advantage and the image of the company and it is the most valuable intangible assets of Royal Natural Products Co. Retaining positive goodwill is not easy, each staff in company has to keep in mind: we all need to take practical action to shape a good corporate image.

Diligence is a work attitude that all employees of the company should have. Hard working and rigorous attitude is our basic working attitude. All the staffs of the Royal Natural Products Co. would never give up easily, and uphold the serious and responsible attitude. Company would move forward with a spirit of diligence and should be prudent, humble and sincere.

Creating a brilliant and refulgent future is the fundamental goal of the company. Refulgence is not only measured in performance or profits, but also is to make the real natural products into thousands of households and offer “health” to customers. Refulgence is also a recognition and praise we gain from the society and community. In order to realize this noble goal, let us work together and create the brilliant future!


Certificate From China Goverment           Certificate From Canada

Certificate of Origin (From Brazil)           Internation Sanitation Certificate issued by Federal Government of Brazil

Chemisar Heavy Metal Testing report           Brazilian Export Testing in CETAL lab Certificate of Analysis

Gelda Microbial Testing report           SGS HongKong Lab Heavy Metal Testing Report 

 SGS-GMP#BR4539          Certificate From Brazil Goverment

Certificate From Japan Goverment           Certificate From GMP canadian health food association member

Social Resposibility

Social Responsibility and Idea: Corporate responsibility, Environmental protection and Community Service

Royal Natural Products Co. Cherish the importance of the natural resources, we get the essence of the nature and use the natural resources. From the first day, Royal Natural Products Co. has put environmental protection as our bounden duty, this tradition and commitment will continue forever. From high-quality natural health products to the green bag action throughout the North America, we always keep the fine tradition of respecting the nature and committing to the environmental protection.

Royal Natural Products Co. is proud of having a group of employees, full of innovation, talent and professionalism.

The company provides employees with comfortable working environment, sustainable development and promotion opportunities, healthy benefits and competitive pay. We always believe that helping others is helping ourselves. We also know that contributing to the community and society is the obligations of a successful corporate. We adhere to this belief and put it into practice. We actively protect the interests of customers, promote business ethics and enhance the goodwill of global brand.

Royal Natural Products Co. upholds the highest standards of business ethics. We are committed to provide a fair competitive environment for all of our independent dealers. For non-compliance, we will discipline, suspend, or even terminate his dealer qualification.

We are responsible for our customers and committed to provide the highest quality health products, professional health advice and enthusiastic sales-after service. We are responsible for the environment and pay attention to environmental protection and energy saving, committed to being a resource-saving and environment-friendly green business. We are responsible for the society and participate in community and public activities, charity organizations, social services, and caring for others.

This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.